Evan Rachel Wood Not After Big Money Movies
Friday, April 11, 2008
Evan Rachel Wood is more about the art than the money when it comes to the films she takes part in. She gets no satisfaction...

It's not satisfying. It doesn't matter how much I get paid for something. It won't, I dunno, do anything for me if I don't like the movie or am embarrassed by it. . . . Having integrity . . . definitely hurts your buying sprees, but I can sleep at night. I like that I never kind of have to worry or cringe when someone walks up to me and says, 'I love you in . . .' and you're like, was it something I was embarrassed of? I have to connect to something or else it's not going to work.

Evan talks "The Life Before Her Eyes"...

Ha. I really like the film a lot. It was a really strange but cool script. And I was curious to see if they could pull it off going back and forth between me and Uma -- if people would get annoyed by it or get confused. But it flows really well. And it's shot beautifully.

Talking about shooting hard parts...

Me and Eva [Amurri, who plays her character's best friend] got along great, and we definitely had fun, but some of it was pretty grueling. And the swimming pool scenes were incredibly cold. I've got some great photos of me running into the house with 20 blankets wrapped around me and shivering. That was the hardest thing to shoot.

Evan is currently working on "The Wrestler".

Source: LaTimes

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