Evan Speaks about Split with Marilyn Manson
Saturday, November 8, 2008
Evan Rachel Wood spoke exclusively to People Magazine about all the rumors circulating the net...she wants the truth to be heard. She is sick of all the false reports and the supposed "close source" who gave the Ira story.

Evan told People, "Manson and I both decided to take some time apart so we could concentrate on work. Someone used that opportunity to kick us while we were down and sell a completely false story."

"Manson owns the house he lives in. My brother has never stayed there and the person that said such horrible things about Manson being 'controlling' and 'emotionally abusive' is certainly no source 'close' to me," Woods says. "Manson has been by my side and taken care of me through the best and worst times. I love him as a person and as an artist. I will always be proud to have been a part of that.

"If any more attacks are made on us, it is the act of a desperate, selfish person, who is angry to no longer be a part of my life. No further comment will be made and we request our privacy at this time."

There you have it. IT IS OVER! Wow. Wonder who the next man in her life will be??? And I never believed the story of Manson being controlling and emotionally abusive. Not his character. He may have the shock rocker act down, but he's a big softy when it comes to the ladies.

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